adyxax/advent-of-codeMy solutions to Dessaux6 weeks
adyxax/b98A Befunge-98 irc botJulien Dessaux6 weeks
adyxax/bareos-zabbix-checkA Zabbix check for bareos backupsJulien Dessaux6 weeks
adyxax/borg-ansible-roleThe ansible role I use to orchestrate the backups on my personal infrastructure ...Julien Dessaux6 weeks
adyxax/gofunge98a Funge-98 interpreter written in goJulien Dessaux8 days
adyxax/nimfunge98a Funge-98 interpreter written in nimJulien Dessaux6 weeks
adyxax/portagea personal ebuild repositoryJulien Dessaux6 weeks
adyxax/shell-game-launcherA modern dgamelaunch alternativeJulien Dessaux6 weeks
adyxax/shortThe simple, self-hosted, open source and privacy friendly URL shortener : anonym...Julien Dessaux6 weeks
adyxax/trainsA simple web app to display train timetables for stations on France SNCF's netwo...Julien Dessaux6 weeks
adyxax/wwwMy personal websiteJulien Dessaux8 days
adyxax/zigfunge98a Funge-98 interpreter written in zigJulien Dessaux3 weeks
adyxax/zigoda configuration management and automation software to replace ansible on my infr...Julien Dessaux6 weeks
adyxax/avalon-arthurAI simulation IRC gameJulien Dessaux6 weeks
adyxax/bastionSSH bastion that features transparent connection and session recordingJulien Dessaux6 weeks
adyxax/cf-remoteCfengine remote host testing scriptJulien Dessaux6 weeks
adyxax/himawariGo program to bring himawari satellite image to your wallpaperJulien Dessaux6 weeks
adyxax/hsbotAn IRC bot written in haskellJulien Dessaux6 weeks
adyxax/masterfilesPolicy masterfiles that are shipped with CFEngine packagesJulien Dessaux6 weeks
adyxax/rocket-cli-clientA collection of tools to interact with rocket chatJulien Dessaux6 weeks
adyxax/shbotAn IRC bot written in bashJulien Dessaux6 weeks