ZigFunge98 : a Funge-98 interpreter written in zig

This repository contains code for a zig program that can interpret a valid Funge-98 program. It passes the mycology test suite.

Current limitations are : - currently does not implement any fingerprints - does not implement concurrent execution with the t command - does not implement file I/O with the i and o commands - does not implement system execution with the = command



zig is required. Only zig version >= 0.10.1 on linux amd64 (Gentoo) is being regularly tested.

Quick Install

To get, compile then install zigfunge98, do something like:

git clone https://git.adyxax.org/adyxax/zigfunge98
cd zigfunge98
zig build -Drelease-safe
install ./zig-out/bin/zigfunge98 ~/.local/bin/


Launching zigfunge98 is as simple as :

zigfunge98 something.b98

The interpreter will load and execute the specified Funge-98 program until the program normally terminates or is interrupted or killed.


To run tests, use :

zig build test

To test the coverage, use:

zig build test -Dtest-coverage
firefox kcov-output/index.html

To build a debug build, simply use:

zig build

For a non debug build, use either one of:

zig build -Drelease-safe
zig build -Drelease-small
zig build -Drelease-fast